Things I Want in Season 5



—Shireen meeting a giant

—Shireen meeting Ollie and awkwardness

—Shireen bonding with Sam over books.

—Shireen bonding with Sam over books.

—Shireen having a meaningful and good interaction with Selyse.

—Shireen meeting Ollie and awkwardness.

—Shireen bonding with Sam over books.

Moar  Things I want in Season 5 

—Shireen and Aemon meeting.

—Shireen and Aemon bonding over fannish interests: books, dragons, historical targs.

—Shireen meeting a giant or petting Ghost.

—Shireen and her little crush on Jon.

—Shireen x Books from the NW library.

—Shireen and Stannis having an awkward goodbye.

—Stannis telling Shireen she is his heir.

—Shireen giving Davos her favorite book so he has something to read on his trip.