Oh, one last thing. The Sunday Mirror “Radar” feature for Feb. 2004 has the following: “Actor Michael McElhatton, aka Rats from the flats, enjoying a coffee in Dublin shop Avoca with a stunning lady….”

Ah, that can mean so many things, and so exactly nothing :p Anyway, the other times he’s showed up in this feature he was: 1) hanging with friends somewhere, 2) “wolfing” down pizza, and 3) attending a Blur concert (<3).

ok 1 A BLUR CONCERT *screams and flails my arms*

and 2, “having coffee with a stunning lady” (hope for the sexual preference crowd-aka me)

McE article dump (5/6)


A longer article, good stuff:

"I’ll never play the prince," says McElhatton evenly and without regret. "Maybe his dad. But I can live with that. I don’t have burning ambitions. My ambition, such as it is, is not to get bored. Casting is so arbitrary: maybe you’ll get it, maybe you won’t. There’s only a handful of roles you’d give your eye teeth to do.

Most of them I could take or leave.”

An overnight success in his mid-thirties as a result of Paths to Freedom, the mock-documentary series that he co-wrote and in which he played the rapping former convict Rats, the 42-year-old McElhatton has slipped into middle age with little drama, much less a midlife crisis. “I suppose I am middle-aged,” he says. “Of course I don’t feel it. You never do, do you? I thought middle age didn’t happen these days until you’re 49. Reassessing my life? A little.”

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You can be my princeeee lol *furiiously writes fan fic where McE looking guy is a prince.